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Agent for Wheaton Interstate Moving

Henderson Transfer Office Those that have had to look for a quality and reliable mover, storage contractor, or a company to distribute their products know how stressful an endeavor it can be. Looking in the Yellow Pages or the internet is the typical method of selection. But don’t they all look the same? All movers are not created equal. Please view our site to see why our customers have trusted HENDERSON TRANSFER with their belongings for over 75 years!
Henderson Transfer Trucks

Whether it's a move across town or across the country, HENDERSON TRANSFER can be there. We have all size trucks that can come right to your door. Packing materials and help are always available. So residential, commercial or military let HENDERSON TRANSFER assist you for your next move.

Our reputation, referrals, and repeat business are our greatest assets and are earned through our quality service.
To find out more give us a call or e-mail us with your name and e-mail address to : . Fill-out our "Estimate Form" and we will be glad to give you a "ball park" estimate for any of our services or products. You can also request brochures or just general info.